Why Cloud?

Why Cloud? The advantages of moving to the Cloud

In today's competitive environment, enterprises – big and small, local and global- face challenges in ways they have never had to in the past. While business gets increasingly more complex and subject to greater uncertainty, IT need not be. Old servers, hefty security and maintenance costs, back-ups, and disconnected web-based email and collaboration applications are things of the past.

More and more, organizations are seeking to empower their workforces, and enable them to operate more flexibly to meet future industry challenges. If you use disparate onsite or online servers or services for file-sharing and storage, email communication, web-conferencing, or other business productivity needs, your organization could choose to transfer some of your IT infrastructure to the cloud or consolidate these services in a single cloud-based solution.

With fully integrated applications, anywhere access to enterprise-grade email and calendars, the latest version of familiar Office applications, secure, business-critical document sharing and unified communications: IM, presence, and video conferencing across your devices – from PCs to smartphones to tablets –your employees are able to interact with each other and access information more efficiently -both offline and online - which raises their productivity.

Built - in virus and spam protection, and automatic security and software updates in cloud-based services enable your business to save time and money required to maintain on-site infrastructure. If your equipment becomes damaged, lost or stolen; your sensitive data remains protected and available via a network of geographically distributed data-centers with back up, premier disaster recovery, and a financially-backed SLA with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Your business can now scale up or down to adapt to changing economic environments with ease.You no longer need to invest heavily in infrastructure you may use in the future – only on what you truly need.Moving to the cloud also allows you to take advantage of subscription-based software and simplified per-user licensing. Instead of installing software versions on each computer in your organization, keeping them updated, and buying new versions of the product you can choose from a range of affordable monthly subscriptions to be assured you always have the latest features and capabilities. This subscription model enables your organization to do away with heavy "cap-exes," and move to a flexible and scalable "op-ex" model, paying only for what you use.

Cloud is truly the best solution for productivity, collaboration, communication, and simplified, worry-free IT.