The H ONE Approach

The H ONE Approach

At H One, we bring to bear global implementation best practices and proven deployment methodologies such as FastTrack to ensure a seamless journey to the Cloud.

Our Cloud Team is experienced in the best practices of the Center of Excellence Team for Microsoft Office 365, and working with complex migration scenarios.

The H One approach to Cloud is simple. We conduct a detailed study of your need, identifying organizational or process pain points, work-styles, and the current and future technology needs of the business. Once complete, we lay out all available Cloud solution options, advise you on global industry best-practices, appropriate migration methodologies and training needs to ensure a smooth transition.

Here are some things to consider as you plan your move to the Cloud:

1. User Categories:

Grouping users according to their technology needs will give you visibility into which cloud plans your organization should invest in. Teams that are on-the-move may require heavy use of collaboration technology including Exchange, Lync and Yammer; more advanced users may need customized SharePoint workflows.

2. Hybrid vs. Cloud Exchange Environment:

A hybrid exchange environment may be a sound step in your organization's eventual move to the Cloud as it allows for organizations to fully utilize existing resources as well as new investments. A prime example of this is the allocation of valuable cloud licenses to current employees of an organization while retaining long-term archiving of resigned senior management staff on premise.

3. Resource and Manageability Gains:

IT departments will find that moving to the cloud enables resources to be focused on strategic core business-related IT projects instead of time-consuming upgrades and administration tasks. Additionally, an organization's move to the cloud lessens the need for expensive storage resources and heavy maintenance costs.