Licensing your software can be a complex and confusing task. But with the right advisor, you can ensure that your organization aligns business and IT goals, is equipped with next-generation technology, maximizes value and meets all-important compliance needs.

So which licensing arrangement is best for your organization? There are a variety of licensing schemes available and a multitude of product suites to choose from. The same complexity applies to software versions.

Are you looking for flexibility and overall manageability of your entire organization? Budget-friendly pay-as-you-go schemes or the latest software versions? Whether you are looking for license renewals and upgrades, one-off purchases, or user-centric options that facilitate productivity on-the-go across multiple devices, applications and services, we can help you!

As the trusted licensing advisor to the nation's leading enterprises, we can help you develop the most beneficial licensing strategy for your organization.

Our team of certified licensing specialists will ensure we equip your workforce with the latest technology, provide scalability for the future, extend feasible payment structures and continuously show you return on your investments.

De-mystify Licensing with H One!

To help you best align business goals with IT plans, truly explore all your licensing options, make the most out of your IT investments, or simply update yourself on software licensing matters, ensure you attend our "De-mystifying Licensing" sessions.

These 'deep-dive' sessions are conducted twice a year, as well as on request by individual organizations.

Talk to us about holding a "De-mystifying Licensing" session for your organization today!

Licensing in the era of "BYOD"& the Consumerization of IT

The consumerization of IT refers to the growing trend of people wanting to choose which devices, applications, and services they use to get their work done. It includes mobile device use, multi-device use, and "bring your own device" (BYOD) scenarios which enable flexible workstyles.

With user-centric flexible licensing from Microsoft you can choose when, where, and how your organization will take advantage of this trend. It's user-centric because users are covered anywhere and on any device. And it's flexible because you can add to your existing licensing and embrace hybrid IT—a mix of on-premises and cloud computing.


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What is Volume Licensing?

Volume licensing of software makes it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple computers within an organization.

By acquiring software licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, you only pay for the software license. Boxed software, on the other hand, includes media (the CD-ROM or DVD), a user's guide and other packaging items. Eliminating these physical costs and purchasing in volume often reduces cost and provides more customized purchasing options and improved software management.

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