Software Assurance - MIDSIZE BUSINESS


Midsize companies like yours face the challenge of needing to support growing business processes and hundreds of end users, often with limited IT staff and resources. Mindful of your needs to manage your technology more efficiently, Software Assurance offers services and tools to help you improve workforce productivity, streamline deployments and capture greater value from your Microsoft software.

While each customer situation is unique, when it comes to implementing, using and supporting software, all customers aim to improve workplace efficiencies. Whether they be end users, IT or support staff, Software Assurance can help you enhance the productivity of your growing workforce.

  • Improve productivity across your organization by implementing the latest software versions as soon as they are available.

  • Help employees be more productive with convenient, online training developed by the experts at Microsoft and the Home Use Program (HUP), which offers your employees the latest Office programs to use at home, via a low-cost download.

  • Help your IT staff efficiently manage your Microsoft technology with unique desktop technologies including Windows 7 Enterprise and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, plus access to 24x7 phone and web support, and technical classroom training.

Get help with efficient and flexible upgrades

It is not every day you plan and deploy key software upgrades or technology updates. During such times, you can help ensure an efficient and smooth transition with planning services, deployment tools, training and Microsoft Expertise, all of which you can use to help stretch limited IT resources and minimize downtime.

  • Streamline software deployments with on-site consulting services that help you plan for efficient implementations, and augment your IT team with experts on Microsoft technologies.

  • Help ensure smooth deployments and reduce time troubleshooting issues with 24x7 phone and web support.

  • Utilize anytime, anywhere online end-user training and the Home Use Program to prepare your employees for new software implementations and help reduce support calls.

  • Make MDOP part of your deployment plans and use its powerful desktop management tools to speed up application deployments, enhance IT responsiveness and user uptime.

  • With Software Assurance you get new versions of licensed products released during the terms of your agreement to deploy how and when you choose.

  • Provide access from PCs to virtual Windows environments with Windows Virtual Desktop Access (Windows VDA) and Office Roaming Rights.*

A cost-effective relationship that grows with you

Virtually every business is looking to make best use of available purchasing funds and everyone is seeking new ways to cut costs. Software Assurance continues to evolve to help you keep your IT spend in check so you can redirect resources to supporting new growth and to building business value, wherever possible, across your operations.

  • Reduce upfront costs and simplify budgeting with the Spread Payments option that allows you to spread the cost of licenses and Software Assurance across three equal annual sums with no interest or "cost of money" fees.

  • Help lower the cost of new software acquisition with new product versions and discounts on upgrades, while simplifying software licensing, budgeting, and administration.

  • Take advantage of online user training and IT classroom training.

  • Get more life out of legacy PCs, while improving their management and security using this small-footprint Windows-based operating system solution.