Software Assurance - Large Business

Boost productivity across your organization with cost-effective benefits that help you get the most out of your software.

Once viewed as simply upgrades, Software Assurance has evolved into a core set of benefits recognized by leading organizations as essential for improving workforce productivity, streamlining software deployment, and reducing costs.

Enterprise Agreement

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement allows organizations with more than 250 PCs, devices and/or users to license Microsoft software and cloud services over a three-year period at the best available pricing.

Get all the advantages of Software Assurance and simplified licensing management, as well as a seamless way to license both on-premises software and cloud services through a single organization-wide agreement. This gives you the flexibility to choose software and cloud services for different user types and deployment scenarios, optimize your technology spend to fit your IT and user needs, and streamline software compliance and asset management across all of your Microsoft purchases.

Take advantage of enrollments as a cost-effective way to license Microsoft solutions to meet organizational objectives. The enrollment agreement structure allows for the easy addition of new products, services, and licensing options to better support future licensing and deployment scenarios. Two major enrollments are available under an Enterprise Agreement: the Enterprise Enrollment for your end user services and device needs, which covers popular products and services such as Office, Windows, and CAL Suites; and the Server and Cloud Enrollment for licensing your datacenter and infrastructure products and services, both on-premises and cloud hosted. Flexibility to respond to changing business priorities

The Enterprise Agreement enables you to address your users' needs with both on-premises software and cloud services and to make adjustments when it makes sense for your business.

Move your users to Microsoft cloud services at your own pace.

  • Provide your users with the appropriate cloud capabilities they require, based on their user profile and their productivity needs.Choose from a set of Microsoft cloud services or on-premises software options, or a mix of both. This is a cost-effective method to acquire Microsoft on-premises software and cloud services

  • Optimize your IT budget with online services and software licenses that align to your users' needs.

  • Get the best pricing advantage for your entire organization with any combination of on-premises software and cloud services.Choose cost-effective Enrollments with predictable pricing to license solution-focused technology suites of Microsoft's most popular server products.

  • Reduce desktop management and support costs by standardizing on the latest on-premises software and equivalent cloud services.

Manageability of your Microsoft licensing

  • Streamline software compliance and license management under one agreement for both Microsoft on-premises software and cloud services.Choose from a set of Microsoft cloud services or on-premises software options, or a mix of both, under a single agreement.

Get the best out of your investment with Software Assurance

  • Boost productivity across your organization with new product versions, end-user and technical training, and support.

  • Streamline deployments and migrations by using Microsoft expertise and tools.

  • Upgrade and manage your Microsoft technology investments in a cost-effective manner.