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Samath Fernando


H One and Microsoft continue to lead the way in Sri Lanka's cloud computing revolution and a recent event for stock broking & wealth management professionals hosted by H One, Microsoft's Premier Cloud Services Partner, proved highly successful showcasing the vast potential of the cloud platform in Sri Lanka. Held at 8 Degrees at Cinnamon Lakeside, the event attracted CXOs from over 25 organizations including Asia Capital, NDB Stockbrokers, Ceybank Asset Management, Softlogic Stockbrokers, JB Securities, Capital Trust, Serendib Stockbrokers and Asha Phillip Securities.

The event focused on giving the audience an insight into how MS O365 can transform their work environment by increasing efficiencies, creating opportunities for greater collaboration and improving compliance & security. CEO of H One, Samath Fernando walked the audience through "A Day in the Life Of" - which showcased a range of scenarios the audience members would face on a day to day basis and how these next generation technologies can empower them in each situation, giving them a feel for what is truly possible with MS O365 at their fingertips.

These scenarios included storing and accessing confidential documents and secured emails with rights management policies in place, video chats between dealers and overseas customers on a range of devices, organization-only news feeds allowing staff to share the latest stock tips and stay abreast of trends, and real-time collaboration between multiple researchers on quick turnaround deliverables for high net-worth clients.

The presentation was followed by Director of TKS Securities, Ralph Wijesinghe, who took the time to share his experiences with O365, as well as the organization's partnership with H One. Faced with extended email downtime, TKS contacted H One to help them restore business continuity. Led by its highly experienced technical team, H One conducted an overnight migration to MS O365, allowing staff to get back to business as usual the next morning.

"Office 365 gives you virtually anywhere access to the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on, combined with a host of new features. Customers are genuinely excited about this platform and the benefits it offers, and at H One, we are fully committed to investing in this potential," said Samath Fernando, CEO of H One (Pvt) Ltd.

Many leading organizations have already partnered with H One to invest in Microsoft O365, including John Keells Holdings, Hemas Holdings, MAS Holdings, Brown & Company PLC, Sunshine Holdings, James Finlays', Delmege Forsyth, Rockland Distilleries and Norlanka.