Infrastructure Solutions

At H One, we have the best teams to cater to any of your Infrastructure requirements. Our highly skilled engineers are experienced in taking care of mission critical workloads, designing solutions and working with our partners to deliver integrated and comprehensive implementation and services across your infrastructure.

Beyond solution implementation, our highly commended teams manage your entire IT ecosystem, end-to-end and engage with you to align IT and business plans, conduct regular system health checks & provide essential post go-live support to ensure quality and minimize downtime.

We take pride in being the best in the nation in the provision of infrastructure solutions including Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Lync and the Systems Center Suite. And our team leverages global best practices and professional implementation methodologies to ensure we not only deliver on our commitment to quality, but also add value to your business.

Active Directory

As your organization grows, it is difficult for users and administrators to locate resources distributed within the organization. To locate a file in the network, you must have knowledge of the name of the required file, the server name on which it is located, and its folder path. This might be not so cumbersome on a small network, but as the network expands, it becomes quite a challenging task. A solution for this is the implementation of a directory service. Imagine an electronic phone directory that lets you look for an employee name and obtain the relevant phone number, address, or other information without having to know or remember the details. A Directory service is a vessel that provides a hierarchical organizational structure and allows you to store objects for fast and easy access and operations to be performed on them.

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Email & Messaging Services

Email has become a serious function in any business and a large amount of business-critical work is conducted through email. Implementing exchange server across your business increases efficiencies and makes conducting business easier.

The MS Exchange server neutralizes many threats that may compromise the security of your software, making your networks and infrastructure less vulnerable to penetration, virus attacks and spam. Your emails are guaranteed to be confidential and remain within the intended parties where the security of your information is paramount.

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Centrally Manage IT Infrastructure with SYSTEM CENTER SUITE

Microsoft System Center is a platform that is integrated into the existing technologies and helps you manage data centers, devices, on premise servers and windows Azure cloud resources efficiently. Microsoft System Center provides a single portal for comprehensive configuration, automation and management of physical resources, hypervisors and software defined networks. Several products fall under the System Center Suite. With these tools you have un-paralleled management and monitoring of your entire IT resources.

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Next-Gen Communication with Lync

Lync (formerly known as Office Communications Server) is Microsoft's next-generation communications suite that brings together IM, voice and video through Lync Online and Lync Server on premise. Lync brings together real-time presence information of the users with instant messaging, voice communication and video conferencing, and it integrates with the MS Outlook and MS Office applications that can further increase efficiencies in your organization. Lync clients also can be used on mobile devices for increased mobility as well as through the web application where even a third party could join an internal web conference through Lync meetings.

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Virtualization with Hyper-V

There is potential for substantial cost savings in the industry through virtualization, which enables cost reduction on physical hardware, electricity and cooling. Server virtualization allows for conservation of space through consolidation. The latest technologies gain your business considerable savings by allowing businesses to function with fewer resources while providing them with the capability to meet infrastructure demands brought on by customer needs. Virtualization emulates multiple physical hardware in one physical unit.

As your trusted IT partner, H One is equipped to install, setup, manage and backup your Hyper-V solution.

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Windows Azure

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

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