Virtualization with Hyper-V

Virtualization with Hyper-V

There is potential for substantial cost savings in the industry through virtualization, which enables cost reduction on physical hardware, electricity and cooling. Server virtualization allows for conservation of space through consolidation.The latest technologies gain your business considerable savings by allowing businesses to function with fewer resources while providing them with the capability to meet infrastructure demands brought on by customer needs. Virtualization emulates multiple physical hardware in one physical unit.

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Server Consolidation
There are scenarios where through virtualization, a single machine can run multiple server applications required as multiple physical computers to obtain the required environments that the software needs to run on. Optimization of servers can be achieved and legacy software can be run on the old OS configurations while new applications can be run on VMs with updated OSs.

Testing and development
Through VMs, rapid deployment is enabled because you can isolate an application in a controlled and familiar environment. Reinstallations due to severe crashes which can take numerous hours, can be brought down to a couple of minutes through the copying of a virtual image.

Load Balancing
Virtualization gives you the ability to move VMs which over utilize a resource into a server that has free or un-utilized resources at its disposal,taking on varying workloads.Efficient utilization of server resources is at your disposal through dynamic load balancing.

Disaster Recovery
A system crash may result in a huge financial impact to your business. Virtualization allows for re-imaging if a physical machine fails.

Virtual Desktops
Through the use of virtual desktops, the organization benefits by being able to provide seamless switches between different operating systems on a single machine, reducing the number of desktops required (maintenance and power footprint), as well as hardware costs.

Improved Reliability and Security
System crashes due to corrupted memory or software bugs will now be a thing of the past.