Messaging services

Messaging services (Link from Microsoft Exchange in messaging)

Email has become a serious function in any business and a large amount of business-critical work is conducted through email. Implementing exchange server across your business increases efficiencies and makes conducting business easier.

The MS Exchange server neutralizes many threats that may compromise the security of your software, making your networks and infrastructure less vulnerable to penetration, virus attacks and spam. Your emails are guaranteed to be confidential and remain within the intended parties where the security of your information is paramount.

Your employees can access their emails from anywhere in the world. Even if the user is in an office or on the move, they can access all their documents and respond to important emails immediately. The platform that MS Exchange uses is MS Outlook which has calendar/scheduling and contact management built into it.

MS Exchange allows for the automation of Exchange server operations monitoring which frees up time of your network admin. It is also very easy for the admin to identify and resolve issues, thereby increasing the value of IT within the business.