"Get your hands dirty, work with
next generation technology"

At H One, we want to be the employer of choice for smart, talented, creative and hard-working men and women, with strong IT credentials, shrewd business acumen and diverse academic and extracurricular backgrounds. We are committed to engaging and inspiring our employees, supporting innovation and research, and creating a working environment and culture that encourages employees to build long-term careers with us.

We're not your average geeks.

Our professionals leverage their experience and expertise from the industries, markets, customers and users they serve. From software development to cloud, products and licensing to complex migrations, our employees share ideas and best-practices across teams, enhancing collaboration and encouraging individuals to take initiative and act on their ideas.

And despite prevailing IT industry stereotypes, what drives H One and sets us apart – in addition to our obsession with the latest and greatest technology out there - is Our People - our gamers, photography buffs, musicians, martial artists, aviation enthusiasts, polyglots, GQ whizzes, dancers, athletes and outdoorsy types. Building a workforce as diverse as the people we serve - ensures we grow together.

There's no better time to be at H-One. Join us.



We engage in long-term planning with our customers to ensure they are constantly at the forefront of technology and not only equip their workforces with the latest tools, but have the best safeguards in place for business continuity so they can continue to focus on their core business operations instead of worry about their IT infrastructure.

Our "special forces" work closely with our customers to deploy Microsoft's world-class technologies, address specific business problems and attend to complex issues beyond the scope and expertise of in-house staff. They monitor the health of customer IT ecosystems, assess measures in place against hardware and software failures, virus attacks and malicious threats. They also provide recommendations on preventive action as well as insights into industry specific needs and global best practices on infrastructure setup.

We hire team-oriented technology enthusiasts who always keep themselves updated, enjoy being challenged by complex problems, dedicate time for research, and like getting their hands dirty with next-generation technology. We seek team members with a strong desire to pioneer the very latest in the industry and go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied.

We look for MCSE Certified engineers, with at least 3 years' experience implementing and maintaining Microsoft solutions. We also value a strong foundation in AD, Exchange, the System Center stack and CISCO switching and routing.

Technology can revolutionize the way companies do business and serve their customers. Our team helps companies of all sizes to do just that.

Our account managers apply their extensive knowledge of licensing and Microsoft's world class technology offerings to help companies gear up for future growth by aligning their IT needs with their strategic business visions, empowering their workforces with the latest tools and ensuring business continuity. Leveraging their knowledge of industries, trends, and global technology adoption and innovation, our team focuses on providing customers with the best service possible.

We hire charismatic and energetic team-players with a keen interest in the latest technology trends, strong negotiation and communication skills, and the drive to meet customer needs and work in their best interests. We look for team members with the hunger to excel and possess the discipline to conduct research, prepare detailed plans, execute and report on sales efforts, day-in, day-out. We also value well-mannered and groomed ambassadors of the company, with Microsoft licensing certifications, professional marketing qualifications, and cross-industry exposure, with a strong track record of closing sales and the ability to convert customers into long-term references and advocates of the company.

The backbone of our account management team, our ISR undertakes the research, cold-calling and administrative groundwork necessary to lay the foundation for the execution of sales and marketing strategies. The ISR routinely spearheads the creation of databases, compilation of contacts and the organization of marketing collateral towards campaigns, events and other customer engagement avenues.

We look for results-oriented personalities with strong communication and persuasion skills, and exceptional skills of task and time management.

In this competitive ecosystem of partners and technical experts, our job is two-fold: to elevate the company brand and to inform and educate businesses and users, industry audiences and opinion leaders about the benefits of the world-class offerings we advocate.

In a nutshell, we demonstrate how Microsoft's products solve the problems of enterprises, large and small, from the banal to the business-critical. Our approach to branding & marketing starts with a sound understanding of the technology we work with and the operations of the industries we serve, and focuses on showing users how we can transform the way they work.

We look to convey the caliber of our brand in everything we do. From our articulate account managers, to the professionalism of our marketing communications and the effectiveness of our customer engagement opportunities, our distinctive company culture, values, and commitment to customers should not only resonate, but should shine through and set us apart from the rest.

We seek quick-witted, intellectually curious and creative personalities, with impeccable skills of communication, persuasion, organization and time-management. Crucial is the ability to manage multiple projects, tight deadlines, and a wide range of people and personalities.

To drive business growth, our systems must serve users effectively and provide them with the tools and access they require to work productively by facilitating the capture of critical information, the generation of tailored reports, and granting visibility into the organization's key health indicators.

They share a passion for innovation and excellence in design, routinely meeting with users and numerous stakeholders to gather requirements, analyze the impact on business operations and designsystem needs in conjunction with software engineers.

We hire IT degree holders with the ability to design and deliver solutions in complex, multi-system environments while ensuring system integrity. We look for outgoing personalities with the ability to ask the right questions, analyze business impact, recommend avenues for action, and diplomatically advise stakeholders on solution feasibility. We value all-rounders with exposure to design, development and quality assurance tools and methodologies, as well as familiarity with SQL, databases, and other ERP systems. Experience with apparel industry ERP systems is an added advantage.

Our software engineers are a superior creative force, enabling users to access and make sense of the vast amount of information generated by the organization's systems. Our team works closely with users and cross-functional teams, to analyze requirements and develop system enhancements to meet industry informational needs, and help users work more productively.

Our engineers are versatile, intellectually curious, and are always eager to tackle new problems. They are calm under pressure, and willing to go above and beyond, in order to serve and satisfy users at any time, and in any place. Our team understands the importance of technology keeping pace with the business as it grows and evolves, and hence dedicates time for research on the latest methodologies and global best practices, which they leverage towards their day to day work.

We hire self-motivated and outgoing personalities, driven by tasks and deadlines, with strong skills in research, organization, time-management and communication. We look for IT degree holders with training in development, database management, design and quality assurance methodologies. Exposure to ERP systems or apparel industry business processes is an advantage.

Our systems are in the best position to support business users as they drive growth due to the skill and care of our adept team of quality assurance and support engineers who work behind-the-scenes with users, troubleshooting them through issues that may crop up in their day to day work. The team makes sure that system enhancements are error free and functionality is maintained, so as to prevent incorrect data from being used in the decision-making processes of senior management.

They routinely check on the requirements being developed, create test plans and anticipate vulnerabilities, conduct cycles of testing in multiple environments, produce quality assurance reports and monitor system enhancement releases to the LIVE environment. Our team also supports business users across factories and offices, fielding calls, tracking support desk inquiries, and coordinating with all teams to provide users with the time-sensitive solutions they need.

We seek outgoing, flexible and diplomatic personalities who enjoy problem-solving and experimenting, are detail-oriented and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they have fully investigated user inquiries, and persist in doing so. Our engineers must have a sound understanding of business processes and prior familiarity with quality assurance methodologies and databases. They must also ensure best practices are shared and documented, and work towards refining processes around customer support to increase efficiency, reduce incidence, and provide users with a better experience.

The Hirdaramani Group runs on world-class ERP and associated systems which have been tailored to ensure we are able to drive business around the world the way we want and need to.

ERP Consultants man the front-lines between users, system vendors and in-house IT teams to ensure that the systems serve the Group in optimal fashion by gathering user requirements, and mapping business needs with the system, while ensuring the integrity of the processes and operations that are key to the company's success.

They routinely conduct factory visits to interact with users, evaluate requirements, implement and tweak systems, hold trainings, and coordinate with our in-house design, development and quality teams to facilitate the needs of users and deliver sound solutions. And they don't shy away from soliciting feedback from stakeholders at all levels, entry-level executives to senior management, in order to ensure the system serves the Group effectively.

We hire charismatic, outgoing personalities interested in becoming experts at our ERP – Microsoft Dynamics AX - and in championing the system's use. Our consultants are calm under pressure, enjoy traveling, and are willing to serve and satisfy users at any time, and in any place.

Whether we're working on customer projects or delivering system enhancements to support the Group's strategic business goals, our team brings to bear professional project management methodologies and global best practices to ensure projects receive the support and resources necessary for success.

Working with cross-functional teams, we lead complex projects through the entire lifecycle- managing schedules, identifying risks, managing change, and clearly communicating goals and progress to project stakeholders.

We seek driven, detail-oriented, team-players, with strong analytical and communication skills and the ability to rapidly acquire subject matter expertise. We look for candidates with professional qualifications and a track record of working on multiple projects at a time, as well as experience managing projects at different stages of the lifecycle, and of different scales.


We encourage candidates to tell us about their skill strengths, values, educational goals and interest in working for H One, in as much detail as possible in their cover letters.

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We welcome highly motivated, intellectually curious candidates with creative and analytical thinking skills, who are currently in their 2nd or 3rd year of their undergraduate degree, or have recently completed an undergraduate degree in IT or Computer Science.

We seek candidates with a sound understanding of design and development methodologies, and familiarity with .NET and SQL.

Internship placement is a competitive process as we receive several applications for a limited number of positions. We encourage candidates to tell us about their skill strengths, values, educational goals and interest in working for H One, in as much detail as possible in their cover letters.

Please send your resumes and cover letters to careers.hone@hirdaramani.com clearly stating "INTERNSHIP WITH H ONE" in your email subject line.