Big Data


“Big Data,” social connectedness, and contextual analytics present new opportunities for business applications insight, and open up a whole new range of possibilities for business. Microsoft Dynamics connects businesses to the social signals around their organization, understanding sentiment about brand, product, campaigns and events across a multitude of modern channels, and translating those signals to actionable insights. This is an integral component of the application solution. Microsoft Dynamics will evolve, using the big data and machine learning technology that powers Bing to harness insight from data inside and outside the organization, enabling those organizations to use those capabilities with proper control of their information privacy policies.

Driving impact has always required insight but most systems today only focus on retrospective views and data. They are passive, reactive, and backward-looking. Modern business applications are proactive from the onset. They will inform with insights and possible actions while constantly evolving to point to what comes next.

Data continues to grow exponentially as does the ability to derive meaning from it. Social commentary has accelerated the pace of the feedback cycle, with likes, links and tweets providing instant clues to success or failure of a product, an offer, or a marketing campaign. Capturing this “big data” and being able to tap into its rich and valuable insight will characterize our emerging modern applications