Mclarens group is first in shipping industry to unveil strategic move to Microsoft azure

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From the Chairman to the Jt. Managing Directors, the senior management of McLarens Group – avid car racing enthusiasts – know a thing or two about speed and crossing the finish line first. Known for its success in shipping and logistics, McLarens Group recently added to its track record as the first in Sri Lanka’s shipping industry to unveil a strategic move to cloud-based Microsoft Azure for their complete disaster recovery needs with leading enterprise IT solutions advisor, H ONE. The best-in-class solution helps the Group avoid the hassles and hidden costs of tape backup and instead enables them to rely on Microsoft’s global network of cloud datacenters to better protect critical business applications, speed recovery and restoration of services in the event of a site outage, and reduce data protection costs.

McLaren’s Group, which boasts a diversified holdings portfolio including hotels & leisure and automotive products, is bullish about growth and opportunities, seeing the move to Azure as the next logical step forward for the business as they start rolling out several new joint ventures with leading enterprises. Commenting about the move, Joint Managing Director Shehara Jayawardana stated “We like to be trailblazers in everything we do. Our support services are key and moving to Microsoft Azure is one step we have taken to ensure that the business is ready and can realize its true potential.”

With potential comes risk, Group Head of ICT & Digital Business, Umeshi De Fonseka explains. “We deal with demanding clients and time sensitive operations. If a system goes offline, we lose out on potential business opportunities. Every second counts. Soon after we started our move to Azure we learned that the competitor solution faced a four-hour outage. We can’t afford that kind of downtime.” he emphasized. “Data security is another concern of ours,” said de Fonseka, “Most of the Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Cloud with its world-class security protocols in place. We are confident in them.”

To implement the Azure solution, McLarens Group turned to leading Microsoft Cloud Partner for South-East Asia New Markets, and Microsoft Partner of the Year for Sri Lanka – H ONE. “HONE were on-site, they took the time to understand what the business was going through, provided us with a practical and affordable solution, and reinforced our teams with training so they were ready to manage Azure with confidence. Their team is the best technically sound team in Sri Lanka and we were very happy with them,” said De Fonseka.

Commenting on the cloud journey, H ONE CEO Samath Fernando said “As the first in the shipping industry to invest in Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery, McLarens Group is gearing up for growth by getting their foundation right. Too many organizations make the mistake of skipping over a comprehensive DR strategy in favor of a piecemeal approach due to budgetary constraints. That’s where H ONE can help – by making cloud DR feasible for businesses of all sizes.”

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