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The Hirdaramani Group was founded in the early 1900s from a single retail store. Today, it is a dynamic global enterprise with a diversified network that spans over 60,000 associates, 6 countries and industry sectors such as Retail, Power, Apparel, IT and Financial Services. The group is the fore-runner in implementing green technologies and is proud to own Sri Lanka's first state-of-the-art green apparel factory. The Hirdaramani Group was also recognised as Asia's first CarbonNeutral® apparel factory along with substantial investments in the renewable energy sector.

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Since it's inception almost a 100 years ago, Hirdaramani has worked towards better business practices and has championed revolution and transformation in the apparel industry.

With this passion for transformation at their heart, Hirdaramani founded H One, a trusted enterprise digital solutions advisor. Today, H One offers its advisory services to over 150 organizations from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Thailand to Vietnam. H One is also affiliated with industry leading partners such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, Autodesk, Adobe, Sophos & Procure Tiger. We have also maintained a consistent track record as a Tier One partner, earning recognition for excellence in performance and service over the years.

H One Timeline

H One - ten year journey

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